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Psychopaths make great fictional criminals, and I have created them myself. They have no conscience, no inner voice holding them back, no sense of being bound by the rules that are supposed to keep everyone safe. But I am far more fascinated by the criminal who is burdened with that inner voice, who discovers that a single action that can never be undone can poison lives forever.

As with most crime fiction, I like to follow a trail, but not of clues. I prefer a trail of moments, events, words said, lies told, little things done or neglected, that ultimately push a sane person over the edge to break one the most fundamental taboos that bind us from the cradle. Psychopaths apart, most of us would not commit a murder, even if opportunity presented itself on a plate and we could be certain of getting away with it.

Bound by Blood and Sand

So what would make an ordinary person break that taboo? How would he or she deal with the guilt? How do those closest cope with it? And how do they deal with the consequences, physical and emotional, not just the day after, but years after — even generations after. So it's been 10 years an opportunity has presented itself for Jace to achieve this. Demons have been sent from hell trying to ta www. Demons have been sent from hell trying to take out all werewolves and vampires. In order for both sides to fight the Demons and win, Jace has presented a solution to the vampire council, let him bond with Morgan a pure blood vampire princess.

With this Jace can finally have Morgan and become stronger with her vampire blood.

Bound by Blood

A very entertaining read for me. It had steamy sex, action and a traitor amongst the vampire race. Jace was very sexy to me, just knowing he has been watching Morgan all those years is a turn on. Morgan, even though she is a vampire and she is strong the author still had Jace be the dominant one so that was good. It's a great short read that was worth the 0. There may be more, but I got so into the story I didn't notice them. I enjoyed it that much. Yes, there were areas that could have been better. A bit more depth into the bad guy, world build and character build would have been great.

There was a huge amount of action. What we got of the main characters was satisfying. The intimate scenes were hot, steamy and well written. The ending was On Fire intense. I will definitely be following this series!

Bound by Blood | Tapas

The suspense kept me completely involved. I loved it.

View 1 comment. Aug 15, Maya rated it really liked it Shelves: safety-gang-safe , alpha-h , sweet-reads , strong-h , paranormal. Rating: 4 stars Review A great quick read full of action, hot romance with a hint of angst. That should say it all! I have yet to read a novel from this fabulous author that I have not loved and Bound by Blood is no exception. Vampires and Werewolves, enemies for as long as anyone can remember, must now come together to fight a common enemy.

Demons are coming into the world, exposing Others to humans and killing indiscriminately. Werewolf alpha Jace Vaughn makes a deal with the vampire council to take a pure blood, Moragn LaBeaux, and vampire princess as mate and 4.

Werewolf alpha Jace Vaughn makes a deal with the vampire council to take a pure blood, Moragn LaBeaux, and vampire princess as mate and bring the two sides together forever and in doing so, combining their forces to put an end to the demon invasion. But each side has secrets that their holding close and their enemies might be closer then they can ever imagine. Cynthia loves her sexy bad boy wolves and thank God for that! Jace Vaughn was pure alpha male and all drool worthy; I loved his strength, determination.

Morgan was a kick ass heroine, witty heroine that was a perfect fit for Jace. The relationship progresses at an extremely fast pace with blazing chemistry; she sees him, he sees her and BAM — instant connection. We come to find out though that Jace has been watching Morgan for years, just biding his time until he knew he could have her.

Another smash hit from an amazing, must-read paranormal romance author. Nov 03, McGee Magoo rated it really liked it Shelves: tostars , part-of-series , novella-a-week-challenge , kindle-freebie , too-short , paranormal-vampire-shifter-immortal , novella-romance-or-short-erotica , suspense. But, because it's a paranormal story, I felt like the world building didn't get the attention it deserved. The story with the exception of the last chapter which has fast forwarded a little in time is told over the course of one 3. The story with the exception of the last chapter which has fast forwarded a little in time is told over the course of one day.

They meet, mate, battle and triumph all within a span of maybe 36 hours. That was quick and I wanted more.

But the writing was stellar and I'm going to continue on, happily, with this series. View all 3 comments. Jul 21, Jill rated it really liked it.

Bound by Blood, hmmmmm. Arranged mating between a vampires princess and an alpha killing machine. Joining to be united and make themselves stronger against the demon invasion. These two find out they have bitten off more than they can chew in the relationship departments. I really loved this one. Especially when Jakes reasons and feelings come to light. Although very short, this took me about an hour to read, it was no less satisfying.

I have only recently started reading Cynthia Eden books and f Bound by Blood, hmmmmm. I have only recently started reading Cynthia Eden books and find her stories sexy, with a cool paranormal base. Just how I like them : This one did not deviate from that path, so I enjoyed it very much.

Domestic Crime #2. Bound by Blood – Thorne Moore

Aug 09, Melanie rated it really liked it Shelves: kindle , cynthia-eden , bite-me , novella , paranormal-romance , shifters-i-d-love-to-were , badass-hero , vamps-are-my-dental-fantasy. I was pleasantly surprised by just how much I enjoyed this little story. Great characters, great writing and hot-hot-hot to boot.

I will be definitely checking out the rest of the 'Bound' series! That was a quick and passionate novella. On to the next book!

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Well, how the hell did I miss this series?! Jace is the werewolf alpha, who has been "guarding" vampire princess Morgan for 10 years, biding his time.. It finally arrives as they discover mutual enemy in demons, and Morgan is coerced to approach Jace to mate- so they can combine their powers.. Both have ulterior motives, but soon are overcome by lust and the game changes.

Short, hot and fast paced, I liked this book. However, this was too small for me Well, how the hell did I miss this series?! However, this was too small for me as I felt we didnt get to explore the characters much. Id have loved to know more about his stalking, the memories, the bloodlust and more background on the betrayers.

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Looking forward to read more. SWE view spoiler [H has been stalking h for 10 years, both have hinted to be with other people at that time hide spoiler ] 3. Jul 18, Sian rated it liked it Shelves: vampire-werewolf-witch-angel-faery. I liked the fact that even though vampire and werewolves are known enemies they still came together in the end and saved the world from their joint enemy the demons way-to-go if you like short reads about the things that go bump in the night read bound by blood. There is an intense war going on and both sides are losing, the Vampires and the Wolves are being outnumbered by Demons.

Some how the door to hell has been opened and the demons are now loose wrecking havoc and death in their wake. It will take the alliance of the Wolves and the Vampires, sworn enemies for centuries to come together to fight side by side. It will be the marriage of the Alpha Wolf and the Vampire Princess but will this be enough. Morgan LaBeaux is a Pure Blood Vampire Princess, she has made a deal to marry the Alpha Wolf Jace Vaughn, with their marriage and the biting of one another, it will help strengthen both his pack and her lair.