A Moral Compass

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Love is an emotion and an instinct for sure, but the ability to love is a skill that every young person should be taught, given how important relationships and love are to eve Happiness, says designer Ingrid Fetell Lee, is a broad evaluation of how we feel about our lives over time. The Festival presents a cornucopia of more than sessions over seven days.

We'll 'need a moral compass' for tackling climate change

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Sorry, we couldn't find any results. Leading with a Moral Compass. Thank you for signing up! People lose touch with their morality because they lose touch with their sense of integrity. You build a strong integrity by being consistent with your actions, measures, principles, expectations and outcomes. Expand your horizon. Having a compass that only guides you a few miles is limiting. Expand it and make it a global compass where it directs you toward caring for the good of all.

Leading with a Moral Compass

Look at the world as an inner related system that is more and more connected. Try not to add negativity to it by hating, judging unfairly, being superficial, resenting, being self centered and taking advantage. Commit and you will get there. Be aware that no quick results can be expected. You can't wake up and expect to have a clear sense of morality that you can automatically follow.

There are stages to everything in life and there are no escapes from these; in other words, no short cuts.

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If you want to build a fully functioning compass, you have to walk the steps, and work the work. The full cycle has to come to end before the harvest. Prepare the ground, plant the seed and then cultivate with care. As Ralph H. Blum may say, "there is no way to push the river. Defeat irrationality -- the enemy within. Some of your worst enemies are not outside of you, but within you.

You create an enemy when you ignore a power you hold within. In this case, the power to be a rational human being. To be rational means to be able to respond with care, to not over react, to be patient, to look for the depth of truth before making a judgment, to be critical thinkers, to focus on the solution and to not be an emotionally impulsive human being. In addition, it means to build a curious mind. Bring that scientist mind out and evaluate before acting or judging.

Angus Deaton in Conversation with Amartya Sen, "Economics with a Moral Compass?"

This will minimize your damage and maximize your productivity. Be like a hummingbird. Farmer encourages us not to take things too seriously. Have a little laugh at your imperfections, then try to fix them if you can. Don't take things as black and white; don't get fixated; open your mind to the variety and the beauty of life. Get yourself excited. If you lose something of value to you, give yourself time to grieve, process and release the feeling, and bring the memory of love and joy to replace the pain.

The Quest for a Moral Compass

Make every moment count. And this will help keep the compass clean. At the end, be flexible with the process. Be sensitive to your heart's needs and that of others. Plan your life so that you vibrate and are full of life. Don't have unreasonable expectations. Focus on the process not the outcome; and get excited. Roya R.

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