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Official Documentation Documentation for Socialite can be found on the Laravel website. Fathers Are you a father? Be sure to note that in your bio so that people know that, in addition to being a professional, you have also fucked.

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Bonus points if your bio includes some kind of over-the-top compliment to your wife. Double bonus points if you include enjoying coffee in that same bio. But also Surely no mom could be THAT evil. Bonus points if you have DFS in your Twitter handle. I swear to you that guys with this bio exist to demand you state your team so that they can square off against you in the digital octagon. So big ups to these people for turning the American flag—which I normally enjoy—into a talisman warning of impending evil.

Really great development. Whoa hey, look at the big boy who reads! I could be friends with this person. The variation on this, by the way, is the celebrity who downplays their occupation by noting it either last or in the most casual way possible.

Once you accepted the permission you will be redirected to register page since the user is not registered. But you will notice that name and email is already been filled user only need to add its password. Enter the password and click on register.

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You will be redirected to home. Now logout the user. And again go to login page. Now on login again click on facebook login button. Now you will be directly redirected to the homepage. Next, I used user Facebook profile to logged him and register them on the site.

He loves watching Game of Thrones is his free time.

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