Becoming A Money Magnet Man

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Thanks so much, Tonya. Great stuff, you are doing the right thing.

So that tells you that affirmations and writing things down do work. They really do! It took me a long time to get to this place but I have arrived. This is his plan to help me be the best person I can be. You can bring into your life the bad things just like the good so watch what you think about. This is one of my favorite subjects. Whether people have a hard time to call it God or not, they will eventually come to the realization that there is a force superior than them, and as long as we work with it, we come to understand that everything is there for us as long as we understand how it all works.

People tend to put a lot of resistance when all they have to do is learn how to let things flow. We should always avoid the path of resistance.

The Only Way To Become A Money Magnet! (Learn and Teach This!)

The Western mind was conquered by the Oriental thinking. This is not a surprise for me but it can be and is for many people. White magic, indeed but magic. Also there is a mix between magic and religion with a definite accent on magic. Unfortunately the line between black and white magic is very thin and difficult to discern.

Tons Of Positive Affirmations For Your Transformation!

Praying works when you are convinced. This is another way to say that praying with a strong belief will get you what you want. This is true with a condition: You need to want good things.

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God will never give you bad things that make other people suffer. With affirmations it is not the same thing.

Top 2 Tips For Becoming A Money Magnet + Why Fear Is NOT the Answer

Here, the moral part is not important. What matters is to master the technique, use the affirmation correctly. Well, you can use affirmation and have a strong conviction it will work but direct your affirmations to bad things. You will probably get want you want and suffer a lot. The main characteristic of Magic is to look at Nature as a system of impersonal forces that governs the whole universe.

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Our duty in Magic is to master these forces and use them in our favor control nature and obtain wealth, power etc. Impersonal concepts are used, like the Universe and the Law of attraction. When you understand and apply correctly a law physics, chemistry, biology etc. The same will happen with your life no mater your moral level. If you practice correctly their methods: asana, pranayama, dharana, dhyana and samadhi, you will reach the Absolute and have everything. This is a trap. The only thing that exists is this Universe with its laws.

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  • You need to understand the laws and apply them correctly. You will get everything you want. About attracting money I am no fan of spiritual marketing, hypnotic writing and magic. It summarizes perfectly everything you must do, how to do it and everything you can achieve. It is the highest point you can reach in business without God.

    Yes, there is a difference here. Now, if you were to say evil affirmations I do believe in cause and effect also called Karma that will eventually take care of you, so to speak. Yes, the laws of the universe apply to all of us, no matter who we are. And a bad person can also turn around and become good, and vice versa. I am behind on my post, but I wanted to read Post 2 before I read 3. What a great subject and a subject that can inspire us to shift to another level or start at the beginning.

    How To Become A Money Magnet

    The conviction has to be within us as we decree money and visualize what we are searching for. I am in the process of attracting money to be able to help myself, family and others. It is all about our relationship with the money we have now. Are we stewards of it? Everything is about relationships. Our health is about our relationship with food, our stamina and endurance and muscle mass is based on the relationships we have with our body… and our financial success will be based on the relationship we have with MONEY.

    Thank you again for this inspiring post.

    The Secret to Becoming a Money Magnet

    A very well written blog. Money is one thing which is ruling the world at least partially. My whole idea of earning a good amount of money is to attain a satisfaction of making the life of others a better place.

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    I really enjoyed reading this writeup. I so much get it now especially how to make that switch in our beliefs and I so much love your explanation and the difference between prayers and affirmations. Prayers without faith is not fulfilled and that is even what the bible teaches. You have to pray believing that you will get or you will never get what you prayed for and that matches what you explained here.

    Thanks Sylviane for a great post and detailed explanation. I will be reading the third part next. You are awesome. Neamat Neamat Tawadrous invites you to read.. That is exactly right. Brings great joy to me. People who are carefree about their money and spending attitude are in bliss and in fact have more money. Smart spending habits do count but it is the attitude that matters.

    Great share. Yes, I tend to agree with this, and it actually has an explaination. I follow with great interest how this summer series goes! You have explained the essence so well. When all the prayers and affirmation are not working, one knows why! I came from a background believing that money is just a tool. We can use money to do good or evil things.

    I consider myself lucky in that I do not need to flush away the negative beliefs that you mentioned in your last blog post. This background, however, has a disadvantage, It makes me harder to fully comprehend how some people may have money manifestation issues because of the stuff in their subconscious mind! I have not read this new issue yet. There is talk about alignment of feelings with the desire what does this mean? I have such an analytical point of view about things that I read or even see or feel, and always trying to put everything into a compartment with something related whether it is tangible or intangible.

    Acquiring wealth whether this wealth is love, money, peace, happiness,health, only comes when your internal real expectations match your goal. Can I order Sunshine for my child and affirm it so positively and strongly that the sun does shine omtp her life even if in her deepest depths, she is in reality affirming trials and tribulations, poor health, depression and unhappiness?

    Regardless or desires, wants, dreams, if you want any of these, you have to do more that just have a positive attitude, You have to Expect the reward and devote your physical time and thought doing the work needed to point the desired for to you or yours. Cararta invites you to read.. How would you like spending the holidays in Paris, France? With the holidays approaching, I will be blogging about the holidays in France, such….