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Well, in Classical Nahuatl, which nowadays we really only find in texts, there were two kinds of gerund. One of them had the endings TICA singular and TICATEH plural , which expressed that the person is doing something while standing; and the other one had the ending TOC, which expressed that the person is doing something while seating or lying somewhere. Having said all that, to form the gerund, we just add the endings TICA for singular and TICATEH for plural , and verbs usually lose the same last letters they lose in the past tense, when they lose letters at all.

Tlen ticchihuatica? Niltze, welcome to Lesson number In lesson 10, we saw the gerund. By now, you should understand the next phrases:. Welcome to lesson number I was absent for the last two weeks, because they closed all schools in Mexico City oh and the whole country too during the epidemic But guess what, I survived and we can go on now. So this time we are going to see adjectives. As in English, adjectives usually go before the noun they modify. Hello, welcome to lesson number Then some more vocabulary, and finally we will analyze a small paragraph. As you know, Nahuatl is a very agglutinating language, just like German, Chinese, etc.

We can make words by joining two nouns together, or a noun and an adjective, or a noun and a verb, etc. When the noun is at the beginning of the word, it loses its ending tl, tli, li to get joined to the other word:. However, when the final letter of the adjective is the same as the first letter of the next word, one of them is lost:.

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Now we are going to see the conditional. The outcome is written as one single word. Students are usually encouraged to keep using the first option. We already saw this word that can be used as an article, no matter if it is for a noun in singular or in plural, and sometimes, in poetry for example, it is even used a bit randomly to fill some spaces and make it all sound better.

Nahuatl Lessons by Miztli

Well, sometimes we are going to find nouns e. These are not completely irregular nouns. And some words just happened to historically keep that article at the end of the word. For example:. You should already understand it or most of it by now :. Nepacopa tepozcuilahcihualoyan Insurgentes, ipan caltzalantli Orizaba mahtlactli ihuan yei, ca ce amoxnamacoyan tlen quipia cuacualli amoxtin ihuan amopatio. Intla ticcohuaznequi ce amoxtli, xiyauh ompa. Totazqueh nocneuh! If you want to buy a book, go there.

See you, my friend! Hi, welcome to Lesson number This lesson is about vocabulary, vocabulary, and more vocabulary. I tried to give it some sort of order. Hello there, welcome to lesson number Well, the other object particles we just saw are used like that too. Because Miztli means puma, mountain lion. Tlen ipampa tichoca, tinocneuh David?

Blue Third - Citlalli And The Destroyer

In Lesson 6 we saw the possessive pronouns. Cuix ma omomiquili in motahtzin? We already know that Mexicatl means Mexican and Caxtiltecatl means Spaniard.

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Most of these names, if not all, were taken from Spanish in one way or another. There is more than one variant, and there is no official way to call all these countries, but little by little everything seems to be standardizing.

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I will give you the name of some countries, their inhabitants, and their languages. This is the result :.

How to say USA? It also says Yancuic Anglitlalpan New England , which can be a bit confusing, because there is a region in the USA called that Finally, Wikipedia says Tlacetililli Tlahtocayotl Ixachitlan , which is, in my opinion, the most thorough translation so far, so that would be… TTI? Yancuic anglitlaltecatl would be easier Welcome to Lesson number This time we are going to see the imperative form, how to express need and capacity, and a few phrases, but first some vocabulary.

The verb next to it should be in the future tense. In Nahuatl all 6 persons have an imperative form. For the first and third persons in both singular and plural I, he, we, and they , we add the particle MA before the conjugation pronoun, some verbs lose their ending, and in the plural we add the suffix CAN. Examples Tlayeyecolli :. Now, there are two suffixes that we can use in the imperative form to indicate direction: TI and QUI.

Hi people, welcome to lesson number To use it, we have to add the possessive pronouns are prefixes:. Aquin mocehuitica itloc Miguel? Tlen, Aurora in aquin tlahtoa itloc tepahtiani? Aurora momachtia in hueyi tlamachtiloyan? Amo, yehuatl temachtiani, tequiti in Amatlan, ihuan no ihqui ompa chanti. Yehuatl paccanemi intloc impilhuan in-pilhuan ihuan inamic. Inamic itoca David.

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David yaochiuhqui. David is a soldier. Quimpiah yei ipilhuan. Hello there Long time no see. I suddenly decided to add a new lesson here about the human body, yeah vocabulary. So, here it is:. Surge por lo menos desde el siglo VII. Cihua tl mujer — Cihua h mujeres. Tlaca tl hombre, persona — Tlaca h hombres.

Mexihca tl mexicano — Mexihca h mexicanos. Pochteca tl comerciante — Pochteca h comerciantes. Moyo tl mosquito — Momoyo mosquitos. Maza tl venado — Mamaza venados. Cih tli abuela — Cicih tin abuelas. Toch tli conejo — Totoch tin conejos.

Citlal li estrella — Cicitlal tin estrellas. Telpoch tli muchacho — Telpopoch tin muchachos.

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Ichpoch tli muchacha — Ichpopoch tin muchachas. Citlalli estrella — Icitlal su estrella — Icitlalhuan sus estrellas. Terminaciones para los sustantivos en forma reverencial. Xochitl flor — Xochimeh flores — Xochitzitzin tin honorables flores. Icitlalhuan sus estrellas — Icitlaltzitzihuan sus honorables estrellas. Cuando el verbo es intransitivo, IN marca el sujeto, cuando el verbo es transitivo, IN marca el objeto directo, y cuando es bitransitivo, IN marca el objeto indirecto.