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Alex Ross, Jim Krueger, Well-Bee Create Earth X Prequel, Marvels X

You never get the sense that the story is being stretched to kill time. Each of the four episodes is needed to move the story forward. And yes, I was reduced to a squealing, shaking pile of joy when Atom and Steel showed up. The event also took steps to engage with who the Nazis were and what their ideology was. The heroes are taken to a concentration camp on Earth X. As they look around the camp, they see a mix of yellow stars and pink triangles.

Russell Tovey Cast As The CW's Ray For Crisis on Earth-X Crossover

Yeah, he probably killed that dude, but it was a Nazi. Everyone deserves to see themselves as a superhero. No more, no less. The show realizes what a powerful image that is, and makes good use of it. At first, it seems like the Nazis have taken over one Earth, and their thirst for conquest brings them to another. Then, we find out that Nazi Green Arrow is married to Nazi Supergirl and that she flew too close to the yellow sun, which overcharged her heart.

Thawne, maybe? Oh well, at least it led to Nazi-Supergirl exploding into a supernova. That was cool.

Crisis on Earth X Is How You Do a DC Superhero Crossover

Also, why is Eobard Thawne here? Oh well, I guess it sets the stage for a future fight against Reverse Flash. That could be cool someday. Oliver kills Dark Arrow soon after.

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Crisis on Earth X Is How You Do a DC Superhero Crossover

Do you like this video? This crossover serves as a set-up for the animated series Freedom Fighters: The Ray Contents [ show ]. Categories :.

Flash vs. Supergirl took out Overgirl before she could go supernova.

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Barry being Barry, he let Thawne go instead of killing him. The Earth-X Nazis were eliminated, but Thawne is sure to show up again at some point. In addition to the action, outstanding fights, and battle scenes, the heartfelt interactions between characters brought out the tears. Alex and Sara bonding over their lost loves, and their love for their sisters showed a connection between them beyond their one-night stand.

They may not be a long-term romantic match, but they were both what the other needed at this time to help them both move on. The same was true about Stein and Jax. Their love for each other was deep, and their emotional connection as strong as their Firestorm one. The declaration that they are father and son while on Earth-X was touching in itself. This was a heartbreaking and crushing moment. From joy to devastation. Stein has been a pivotal member of the Legends and his loss will be crushing for the team.

Now the question becomes whether Jax will return to the Waverider or not. Tragedy and crisis tend to help people to reflect on their lives. A double wedding.

Olicity fans will certainly be happy about the wedding.