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List of stories

I contains five of the best short stories written by Rabindranath Tagore and a play all translated into American English. It was featured on Pothi. This is also the standard edition of the book. Bengaluru, Monday 20 May Starting today, India's biggest self-publishing and print-on-demand portal Pothi. The volume contains five short stories and a play all of which were translated into American English by Datta in Satyajit Ray had cinematically adapted two of the Bengali sources of these translations, viz. Finally and Missing My Bejeweled. Datta who started writing for The Statesman as a school-goer in the early s has released the first volume of this series to commemorate the passage of years since when the then year-old Rabindranath Tagore took the Literature Nobel outside the European continent for the first time since its inception in In the year , famed actress, director and writer Arundhati Devi who had grown up in Tagore's Santiniketan had made a Bengali film based on Tagore's Megh O Roudra with Manna Dey in charge of the music department.

However, the six translations comprising the book Select Translations of Rabindranath Tagore: Volume I are not just based on their sources but are faithful to Tagore's original works. Volume II of this book is not expected to be available until late One of the sections of that volume is likely to be an English translation of Tagore's Europe-Pravasir Patra which has been already completed and is already available as an eBook with Amazon Kindle and Apple's iBookstore.

In fact all six translations of volume I first made their appearance as eBooks. In —exactly years after Tagore became the first non-white to win the Nobel Prize for literature—they were compiled and four editions were brought out carrying the exact same content. While two of these are standard editions, the other two are large print editions for visually impaired readers and are priced at par with the standard editions despite greater printing cost due to the very large fonts used—the body text being in 18pt Tahoma.

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There are two standard editions and two large print editions to enable buyers to pay in their preferred currency or buy from their preferred website and printer. The standard Indian edition can be directly purchased from this web page by clicking the Buy button above. One can pay in Indian currency for both the Indian editions and there are online as well as offline payment options the latter including payment by crossed cheque.

Reciprocation [7] Gift and Return. Forbidden Entry [10] Trespass [7] The Trespass [10] [8]. Judge [Stories 9]. Atonement [7] [11]. Wish-fulfilment [7] Wishes Granted [10]. Malini [Drama 3]. The Trial [Drama 4]. Fertility Sacrifice Son-sacrifice [10].

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The Auspicious Vision [9] [Stories 1]. Raja and Rani [9] [Stories 1]. Saved [9] [Stories 1]. Folly [7] [8] Thoughtlessness [10] A Lapse of Judgement [10] [11]. Failure Fail F is for Fail [Stories 10]. My Fair Neighbour [9] [Stories 1]. Nastanirh or Nashtaneer or Nashtanir. The Broken Nest [7] [11] [Novels 1]. Hero [Poetry 1]. Master Mashai [Stories 4] Mr. Autumn Festival [Drama 5]. The Crown [Drama 5]. Two essays on Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar printed before in Charitrapuja.

Fair-Faced [Novels 6]. The King of the Dark Chamber [Drama 6]. Chitto Jetha Bhayshunyo. My Reminiscences [Memoirs 1]. The Post Office [Drama 7].

Haimanti: Of Autumn

Glimpses of Bengal [Letters 1] Torn Leaves. Sadhana: The Realisation of Life [Essays 1]. The Crescent Moon 40 poems translated by Tagore [Poetry 1]. Chitra translation of Chitrangada [Drama 8]. Haimanti: Of Autumn [Stories 2]. Last Night Mashi [9] [Stories 1]. Songs of Kabir [Translations 1]. Stray Birds epigrams [Poetry 5].

The Home and the World [Novels 8] [Novels 3]. Cycle of Spring [Drama 9]. The Spirit of Japan [Lectures 1].

In Quest of a Bride [7] Bride and Bridegroom [11]. Personality lectures delivered in America [Essays 2]. The Parrot's Training [Stories 14]. The Trial of the Horse [Stories 14]. Old Man's Ghost [Stories 14]. Nationalism in the West, Japan and India [Essays 3]. The Centre of Indian Culture [Essays 4].

House Number One [7] [8]. New Doll [Stories 15]. The Wrong Heaven [Stories 16]. Fugitive [Poetry 8]. Thought Relics short meditative texts [Essays 5].

Rabindranath Tagore Short Stories {English Hindi & Bengali List}

Greater India four lectures [Lectures 2]. Letter [Poetry 9]. The Waterfall [Drama 10]. Creative Unity [Lectures 3]. Words Inspired, Imagined and Revealed. Manon Joice. Subrat Mohanty. Thoughts for Your Marriage Vows. Catherine Cardiff. Buddha Quotes: Wisdoms for a Better Life. Mathew Tuward. What's The Point In Everything? Shweta Chatterjee.

Phases of Moon. Neha Jindal. The Path of Light.

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