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Please help us spread the word about the reopening of our center and our continuing need for tax-deductible contributions. The East Bay is a truly compassionate community and we are grateful for the outpouring of support from you and your readers. You were greatly missed.

By Joan Morris jmorris bayareanewsgroup. There is no sign of eggs or babies. Ronald, Bay Area. Report an error Policies and Standards Contact Us. More in Pet Pal Connection. The pigs, lured by our irrigated landscapes and abundant oak trees, create massive landscape headaches. Rarely does one demand attention. The whir of their wings in flight called sonation recalls a wind-up toy.

A couple of them, in velvety gray-brown with daubs of black low on the wings, has kept me company this summer—maybe the same pair that nested here last year. The species is that prolific because mortality is high. Though I startle them regularly—each time I open my back door into their territory—they hold no grudges. Two curious facts about mourning doves: If threatened while incubating eggs, one parent might perform a broken-wing display—pretending to be injured on the ground—to distract a predator away from the nest. And both sexes produce food called crop milk for their young.

Such dedicated parents they are. Too, as reputed, they are dedicated mates.

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And then, Geddy. The dog. I saw leaves rustle in front of his vibrating nose and so I went for him, fearing another injured bunny or a rat bite to his face the latter, perhaps, he deserves. But he was quick and determined: He slid by me, a gray softball in his mouth. It was Mrs. Mourning Dove. Her neck was bent wrong and a strand of gut hung from her belly. I picked her up and feathers scattered like fall leaves. Geddy chased me, jumping against my legs as I cradled the drooping bird above my head and moved toward the gate.

This battery powered decoy with spinning wings is mounted above the ground and simulates a dove landing in the field. Stool or Seat — Typically you will spend up to four hours in the field during your hunt. Something to sit on during lulls in action and there will be some will keep you fresh and improve your shooting performance. There are a lot of options. Many companies sell dove stools that vary in design. Some are plastic buckets with a padded seat.

Some are aluminum frames with a cloth seat that folds for easy carrying. Most all of these come with some storage capacity for shells and other accessories. Camouflage — Camo clothing is not essential on opening day. That changes quickly. Dove have excellent eyesight and detect movement easily as well as irregular shapes.

After opening day dove have been shot at and their wariness increases. Wearing camouflage clothing and making slow movements reduces your risk of being seen by approaching dove. Water and food — Early September in dove country is hot. You will need some water to stay hydrated. You might be surprised how quickly you can tire sitting in the hot sun for several hours.

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Ask five experienced dove hunters which is the best gun for dove and you will get five different answers. One thing you do need to consider is recoil. You will be pulling the trigger a lot. A gun with a lot of felt recoil will be uncomfortable and cause you to flinch as the day wears on. Because of that, many shooters prefer a semi-auto because of the reduced recoil and the advantage of a third shot. Next most popular in the dove field will be the pump, again because of the third shot advantage.

Obviously you can load only two shells at a time which may lead to missing shots at incoming birds as you reload.

Second is the increased felt recoil. When it comes to gauge selection, without doubt 12 and 20 gauges predominate in the dove field. This increases your change of hitting a bird on the edge of the shot pattern.

Common misconceptions, and the differences between the two

The 20 gauge offers a little less shot but also offers the advantage of lighter weight and less recoil. Opening day dove are usually pretty close, offering shots inside thirty yards. Improved cylinder will serve you well but you may want to have the Modified in your bag if conditions change. Late season is a different story. Switch to a Modified choke to start and you may have to step up to Full if the birds are flying high.

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Opening day of dove season is a big boost in income for shotshell manufacturers. The average dove hunter shoots five times for each bird in the bag. There is a reason those shells are low cost; they are made with inexpensive components.

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That can lead to missed birds and actually increase the number of shells it takes to bag a limit. Inexpensive lead shot deforms quickly and can leave holes in your shot pattern at 25 — 30 yards, your typical dove shot. If you want to improve you shot to bird ratio, the answer is hunt with a quality dove load. Go after dove with a quality load and you will see your performance improve.

What's the Difference Between Pigeons and Doves?

Along with low quality shot shells, the other reason many hunters miss birds is lack of practice at the range before the season starts. They grab their gun on the way out the door, first time they have picked it up in months. Dove are small, fly erratically, and can increase their speed rapidly. You can reduce your frustration with missed birds by spending some time on the sporting clays range the month prior to hunting.

As with any hunting situation, safety is important to both a successful and enjoyable hunt. There are two things important to a safe dove hunt. First, remember there are a lot of other hunters in the field. Make sure your stand or position is far enough away from other hunters. If positions are not marked in advance, look around when you enter the field for locations of hunters that have already arrived.

You should choose a stand about 40 yards from the nearest hunter. One of the flight tactics of dove is to dip into the feeding area just before landing. This presents a hazard to other hunters in the field that may be at the other end of your shot pattern. Even with that you will still have plenty of shooting to keep your barrel warm. Upland season is here. Don is a freeland outdoor writer living in the mountains of North Carolina.