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Be aware that Timescape is not located at the same place as Trip Trap. Shanghai, An evil secret society took over a legendary crystal lotus that gives eternal life.

You will be sent in the beginning of the 20th century to take back the work of Hermann Toothroot. Back to today. Login Register To be able to book you have to be registered. To be able to book you have to be registered. All fields are mandatory. See Contents. In , building on the foundations of the old organisation of the same name, the Anglo-Saxon secret services put together a secret political society called the Muslim Brotherhood.

At first they used it to assassinate personalities who resisted them, and then, starting in , as mercenaries against the Soviets. All jihadist leaders, including the leaders of Daesh, belong to this military structure. The victors utterly lacked any sense of reason in the conditions they imposed on the defeated. Thus, in Europe, the Treaty of Versailles determined conditions which were unacceptable and unbearable for Germany, falsely blamed as the sole responsible for the conflict. In the Orient, the carving up of the Ottoman Caliphate was not going well.

At the San Remo Conference , in accordance with the secret Sykes-Picot agreements , the United Kingdom was authorised to set up a Jewish homeland in Palestine, while France was allowed to colonise Syria which included, at the time, what is now Lebanon. However, in what was left of the Ottoman Empire, Mustafa Kemal led a revolt both against the Sultan, who had lost the war, and against the Western powers, who were taking control of his country.

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The Turko-Mongol population of the provinces of Thrace and Anatolia rose up and carried Kemal to power. Finally, the Lausanne Conference traced the frontiers we know today, gave up on the idea of Kurdistan, and organised gigantic population transfers which caused more than half a million deaths. An Egyptian schoolteacher founded a movement to re-establish the Caliphate which the Westerners had defeated. This man was Hassan al-Banna, and his organisation was the Muslim Brotherhood In principle, the Caliph was the successor of the Prophet, to whom all owe obedience — it was therefore a very coveted title.

There had been several great lines of Caliphs in succession — the Omeyyads, the Abbassids, the Fatimids and the Ottomans. The secret society spread rapidly.

Its intention was to work from within the system in order to re-establish Islamic institutions. The aim of the Brotherhood was exclusively political, even though it expressed itself in religious terms. Hassan al-Banna and his successors never spoke about Islam as a religion, nor did they evoke Muslim spirituality. For them, Islam is no more than a dogma, a submission to God and the exercise of Power. Obviously, the Egyptians who supported the Brotherhood did not see it this way. They followed it because it claimed to follow God.

The Brotherhood never considered that Islam has a History, and that Muslim ways of life vary considerably according to region and era. For the Brotherhood, the fact that the Muslim way of life had often been imposed by the sword justified the use of force. The Brotherhood would never admit that Islam may have been spread by example. This did not prevent al-Banna and his Brothers from standing for election — and losing. If they condemned political parties, it was not because of opposition to the multi-party system, but because by separating religion from politics, they would succumb to corruption.

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During the Second World War, the Brotherhood declared itself to be neutral. In reality, it mutated into an Intelligence service for the Reich. But from the point at which the United States entered the war, when the fortune of arms seemed to be changing sides, it played a double game, and sold information about Germany to the British.

In this way, the Brotherhood revealed its total absence of principles and pure political opportunism. On 24 February , the Brothers tried their luck and assassinated the Egyptian Prime Minister in the middle of a parliamentary session. This was followed by an escalation of violence — a movement of repression against the Brotherhood, and a series of political assassinations, going as far as the murder of the new Prime Minister on 28 December , and in retaliation, the killing of Hassan al-Banna himself, on 12 February A short time afterwards, a tribunal instituted by martial law condemned most of the Brotherhood to prison sentences, and dissolved their association.

Its story should have ended there. Unfortunately, it did not. The capacity of the Brotherhood to mobilise people and turn them into assassins obviously intrigued the major Powers. Because all its historical leaders were incarcerated, ex-judge Hassan al-Hudaybi was selected as General Guide.

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  • Contrary to what is often believed, he represented no historical continuity between the old and the new Brotherhood. This organisation within the organisation was so secret that it had not been affected by the dissolution of the Brotherhood, and was now available to his successor. It is difficult to establish exactly what happened at that moment between the Anglo-Saxons, who wanted to recreate the old society, and the Guide, who believed he was simply reviving its audience from within the masses. It is impossible to specify the relations and degrees of hierarchy between these men, on one hand because each foreign branch enjoyed its own autonomy, and on the other, because the secret units within the organisation no longer necessarily answered either to the General Guide, or the local Guide, but sometimes directly to the CIA and MI6.

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    During the period following the Second World War, the British attempted to re-organise the world in order to keep it out of Soviet hands. On the same principle, he also launched the Arab League. In both cases, the aim was to unify these regions without Russia. The goal was to support the nationalists who were believed to be hostile to the Communists. Unfortunately, Skorzeny schooled the Egyptian police in a tradition of violence.

    While Hassan al-Banna had defined the objective — seizing power by manipulating religion — Sayyid Qutb defined the means — jihad. The Prophet is our leader.

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    The jihad is our way. He placed the superiority of his logic over human reason. In his report, the CIA officer in charge of the summary noted that Ramadan was not a religious extremist, but rather resembled a fascist — a way of underlining the exclusively political character of the Muslim Brotherhood. The conference ended with a reception at the White House, hosted by President Eisenhower, on 23 September The alliance between Washington and jihadism was formed. The CIA, which had resuscitated the Brotherhood to use against the Communists, first of all used it to help nationalists.

    At that time, the Agency was represented in the Middle East by middle-class anti-Zionists. They were rapidly ousted and replaced by senior civil servants of Anglo-Saxon and Puritan origin, graduates from major universities, all favourable to Israel. Now Washington entered into conflict with the nationalists, and the CIA turned the Brotherhood against them.

    The point was to fabricate an Islamic identity for the Muslim Indians so that they could constitute a new state, Pakistan. Jamaat-i-Islami in fact drew up the Pakistani constitution.

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    They were tasked with eliminating one of their leaders, Gamal Abdel Nasser, who had opposed Naguib. Not only did they fail, on 26 October , but Nasser took power, subdued the Brotherhood, and put Naguib under house arrest. Sayyid Qutb would be hanged a few years later.

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    Each time, they were received as Western agents fighting the growing alliance between the Arab nationalists and the Soviet Union. He took control of the Committee for the construction of a mosque in Munich, which enabled him to supervise almost all the Muslims in Western Europe. After the Suez Canal crisis and the spectacular about-face of Nasser to join the Soviets, Washington decided to provide unlimited help to the Muslim Brotherhood in the fight against the Arab nationalists.